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Project Details

I met Gayle years ago at our local garden center where I was immediately was drawn to her energy.  Soon after, she was creating her magic in the gardens of my yard. She wanted me to re-create her engagement ring, as she wanted to wear it without taking it off for work.  What?! Her craft is as a gardener, digging in the dirt! Most jewelers would tell her to remove her rings to work in the yard, but knowing Gayle, she would wear it anyway, so best to design and create a ring for her lifestyle.  We recycled many of her diamonds from her first engagement ring and some from a pair of earrings.  Additionally, she fell in love with the elongated step cut tapered baguettes, so they needed to be incorporated as well.  The ring has diamonds from every angle and works so well with her personality.  She is always a breath of fresh air.

Project Description

Jewelry: Custom 14k white gold engagement ring including recycled diamonds to fit her lifestyle;Cushion, round and tapered baguettes.