978×550 Rachel & Jesse Family
978×550 Rachel & Jesse Family978×550 Rachel & Jesse Ring In Flower978×550 Rachel & Jesse Rings In Flower978×550 Rachel & Jesse Together978×550 Rachel & Jesse Together Smile

Project Details

Rachel and Jessie came to us wanting to use family gemstones in their ring. As I got to know each of them, I understood that family is the one single strand that is very important to each of them. I felt honored to meet various family members throughout the process on each return visit. Rachel’s engagement ring included her mother’s emerald cut emerald and tapered baguette diamonds. Jessie’s engagement ring included the same re-purposed baguette diamonds and Bostonian sourced matching sapphires in shape and size. They did not want their engagement rings to match, but to definitely be designed to have the feeling of being from the same family. The wedding bands were a showcase of their personalities as well. Rachel’s band incorporated both the emerald and the diamond elements within a straight band including round emeralds and small baguette diamonds.  Jessie’s band was the inclusion of two thinner rims attached on the each side of her engagement ring to increase the overall width of the band to suit her lifestyle.


Jewelry: Custom engagement rings and wedding bands designed by Alexandria and manufactured by Bostonian using heirloom gemstones and 14k white gold and matching sapphires and emeralds.

Photography: Courtesy of Hanna Creed of Classic Photographers  Venue Calderwood Pavilion at the Boston Center for the Arts