Bridget Hanson – Copy (1)
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Project Details

The inspiration for this engagement ring was the Milwaukee Art Museum, designed by Santagio Calatrava. I worked directly with my customer Ethan to work out the design for his fiance Bridget.
The specifics of the design were the fact that “her eyes are blue and she loves a vintage classic feeling. My initial thoughts portrayed the challenge of a very modern architecturally iconic building being translated into a classic vintage engagement ring.
As my research evolved into a design board, I was drawn to the sleek lines of the structure and the backdrop of light and shadows.The way the building works with the blue sky and water made the gemstone setting seem clear to me. We choose specialty cut Aquamarines, cut into a trillion shape to emulate the extended wings on the museum with the “stay lines” below within the design. The blue Aquamarine spoke to the color of Bridget’s eyes as well as the pool of blue from seemingly every direction from the building.
In addition to the outer wings to define the museum, I identified the shapes of key openings inside that are undeniable to the design. The repetitive
corridors and upper lobby openings within the design.
The shape of the ring and the hand engraved details are reminiscent of a Victorian era design. I have always wanted to visit the museum and I’m sure one day I will. Being given the honor of designing a ring based off of the museum was spectacular.


Jewelry: Round brilliant diamond with a unique tab set weighing 2.80cts Aquamarines 1.80 carat, Platinum, Custom hand carved details.
Custom Design and model created within CAD software by Alexandria and manufactured by Bostonian Jewelers.

Photography: Stock photos of interior and exterior Milwaukee Art Museum