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Project Details

My job as a designer is to interpret my client’s vision into wearable art.  Many times I am designing for people I have never met, either on a wholesale level or from across the globe. Recently a special order came to me to create a wedding band to resemble the grill of a car.  I was provided the specifications
for the project with the focus on the design and ability to wear along side her engagement ring. After the ring was delivered and I knew her wedding day had passed, I reached out for more information regarding the car and
her relationship to it.

Year, type and make of the car:

1971 Plymouth Barracuda “Cuda” It has a 440-6 pack pistol grip 4 speed

Your connection with the car: 

It has been my dream car since I saw a photo of one in one of my Dad’s car magazines when I was 10 years old (now 41 years old).  We were at his lake house and I asked him what it was and from that moment on, I was on a mission to get one!  Well, first to get my license, of course!

Photos of the car in the year 2000 when I bought it together with a photo of it just before my wedding this past Saturday are attached (together with a photo of my gorgeous rings!)  The band is just perfect and looks exactly like the grill of my Cuda!  Beautifully made and just what my husband and I wanted.  Thank you for your quality workmanship!


Custom wedding band designed by Alexandria and Manufactured by Bostonian Jewelers in 14k white gold with six graduating princess cut diamonds and four round blue zircons.

Photography: Alexandria Matossian and Car images provided by bride.